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Looseness is all


You remember I was going to do a loose version of the Iceland poppies? It didn't happen. Something told me it wasn't going to work when I found myself with gritted teeth willing myself to be loose! You can get too immersed in this business. So I found a solution yesterday. Retail therapy! Yay! Going to a wedding soon, needed to buy an outfit, and it was great to just think about inconsequential nonsense for a day.

As far as the art is concerned there is no substitute for hard work, studying the subject, sketching out ideas, getting to know your way round the thing. When you set out to produce something cheaply without first putting an honest amount of effort in, it is doomed to fail. Trust me, I know!

Would love to hear your comments....

Here is a photo I took in my friend's garden of some luscious sunlit roses which has inspired me. I'm going to work my way round the subject and see if I can communicate that enthusiasm. If I don't come up with a painting, I will still have the sketches and studies to show for my efforts. I will use ink, try and do a sketch without drawing first, perhaps use watercolour pencils. We'll see. Watch this space.
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