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Painting cosmos in the studio.


I've been working on the cosmos the last few days. Having completely ignored my resolution about not attempting finished paintings and spending more time studying the subject using different media, etc. etc. I went and embarked straight away on a huge painting again! Well huge for me...half imperial size. And so it's taken me ages to finish, and I'm still not completely satisfied.

In the meantime, I thought I'd show you my studio set up.

I've got a combination of photos, examples of the flowers in pots, my small painting of cosmos from the other day, and last but not least the computer. I always have it there for reference purposes. I have loads of my photos stored on there and often have them displayed on the screen. And I can listen to iplayer while I'm painting! And check my emails. And check on Redbubble!! And check out the weather forecast. It's called multi tasking!

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