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My tree story on www.treestory-seattle.com


Do you love trees? Who doesn't really? Check out this website and share your story.
This is mine....

Seattle is not my home but people I love dearly are there. And this is not really a story but TreeStory Seattle has been an inspiration and has made me realise the huge part that trees play in my life.
I am a watercolour painter, that’s my job and it’s how I spend most of my waking hours.
In a landscape that I’m painting, trees with their heroic, majestic forms invariably provide the structure, the framework. Trees give me the leaves, with their myriad colours and shapes, the fruit and the blossom that I love to paint.
Most of my working days I hold a gift from a tree in my hand, my paintbrush! This sensitive wooden tool with the soft sable at its end is the channel for the emotion, the creativity that flows on to that textured white surface which has often been provided by…a tree!
Until now, I don’t think I really knew how much I need and love TREES.
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