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Autumn Hedgerows...a blackberrying we will go!


I've been looking out for signs of Autumn in the hedges and gardens, not only for leaves for the Autumn Leaves workshop but also for my last studio workshop of the year billed as Autumn fruits, flowers, etc.
I walked down to the nearby Grantham canal which has hedges and trees growing along the length of its West Bridgford section. I was amazed at how many different brightly coloured fruits and flowers and leaves I could find with my camera. I saw blackberries growing alongside their flowers even now in October. The berries were in bunches of different shades of green and crimson and purple and the leaves were invariably tinged with reds and browns....very attractive and lovely to paint. There were rose hips and hawthorn berries and white morning glory flowers in different stages of growth. Quite a feast of material to paint.
I've posted my painting of blackberries and a photo of hawthorn which I think will make a good ready made composition for another painting.
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