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Walled Garden workshop debriefing....


There were eight of us, Margaret, Anne, Rosie, Shirley, Marion, Di, Jean and I here in the studio yesterday for the workshop and we did some good work. Everyone ended up with a very decent painting. I've uploaded a photo but Jean had to go early and so her lovely painting isn't there.

(Click on the photo to enlarge and scroll down to the 26 September post to see the photo reference we used.)

It was quite an ambitious project, but I couldn't resist it as I thought there were so many aspects to get our teeth into. Tree bark catching the light, flower borders to be loosely summarised, leaves silhouetted and falling naturally, figures to give it life and the cast shadows across the lawn.
Di said that she would never have attempted such a subject but in fact she ended up with a very beautiful convincing painting.

We all enjoyed a delicious lunch thanks to lovely Andrew!

Well done everyone! You did work hard but it paid off!
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