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Hi all! Sorry not to have posted for a while. I have become all discombobulated with the snow and freezing weather. My studio is not such a welcoming place somehow in these freezing temperatures. The other day it stayed at about minus 5c all day. Just the few yards up the path to the studio in the open air is enough to put you off.

Also Christmas duties call...shopping and organising.

The title of this post is a reference to another thing that is taking my attention at the moment...the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing. Now this is no purely British phenomenon...I know it has travelled in its many form all over the world. I also know that this blog is visited by people the world over, so everyone knows what I'm talking about! Have been blogging and making friends on the Strictly blogs, especially the one supporting Matt Baker, who is the main man as far as I'm concerned and with his partner Aliona should be this year's winners.

But back to painting. I'm uploading a painting I did recently with a workshop in mind. Reference photo kindly lent to me by Alan from the Orston art group.

Have lent it a seasonal touch by adding the holly in the foreground.


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