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I thought I would post something to cheer us up. I am still waiting for the weather to brighten up and for the garden to deliver us some little hints of Spring.

Here are some daffodils which I painted last year at Patchings Art Festival. I like these as I actually succeeded in leaving them quite loosely painted and did not over finish as I sometimes do.

Also in this post I am asking you to have a look at a project which is being undertaken by a friend, Olivia, inspired by the Haiti disaster and expressing her response to it.

Her art is heart stopping I think! Please donate if you can and help make sure that the project can proceed. I have. Many of her paintings are available to see on her website. The link to her website is in this advert. Click on the link...it will not commit you to anything and you will see some wondrous art that may change your view of things forever.


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