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Flowers in the Landscape


I've just uploaded this image on my Redbubble page, so thought I would share it with you here as well. I've entered it into a group challenge on the site where RB members can upload one of their images according to a challenge theme set by the group leader and people can vote for the image they think is best. All a bit of fun really.

I've been busy and have all my paintings, folios and cards ready for the SFP exhibition. Wrapped in bubblewrap and boxed, they sit in a pile on a table in the studio while I look at them smugly.
Not too smug though because I haven't actually done any painting again so the dreaded creative dearth continues.

Trouble is I've got the June Patchings Festival to think about now! So I've been out buying frames this morning. So more handy displacement activity to put off the picking up of the brushes.

But this weekend I'm going to have a go at Acrylics with Sue Sareen, my original teacher and watercolour guru. That will be a laugh to try something new when I am so utterly entrenched in the watercolour method. Should be interesting. Might provide the needed impetus to get out of this torpor!!
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