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Cromford here we come!


The morning of the first day of my second residential painting course at Alison House, Cromford, Derbyshire. When we will spend Monday to Thursday thinking of nothing but painting and enjoying ourselves, no worries apart from having to change the painting water now and again.

I am so ready to go that I have time to write a quick post. The weather has been amazing over the last few days...long, soft, golden Autumn days. It's turning now unfortunately, but we will be studio based so nice and comfortable out of the weather while surrounded by lovely countryside and garden views out of the studio windows.

The leaves caught my attention and I've decided to do Autumn...nothing is more inspiring to a watercolourist than those Autumn colours of reds, siennas and golds. Great opportunity for using texture too and letting go with the splatters, vibrant inks and generally having a fun time.

Above is the sort of thing that we'll be looking at...

Must be off now. I have a car to load up!

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