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Search this blog gadget installed

Oh wow! This IT thing keeps surprising me! Was just looking for something (Primroses) that I knew I had put on this blog somewhere and it was taking ages to trawl through the archive on the info section on the right hand side.
So I looked through the gadgets and found a Blog Search which I've installed, just there on the right. Typed in primroses and the step by step sequence I was looking for came up straight away.
Amazing! Well it is to me!

So you could try typing in anything that interests you in the flower line and I might have done something on it.

A friend just got in touch asking about the rose painting in the title header of my other blog


and I referred her to some works in progress that I had uploaded in May 2010.
So if you want to see that, just type in Nevada Rose in the search box and see what happens!

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