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Autumn, beautiful Autumn...

I've been posting a lot of my facebook page.


I really wish more people I know were on Facebook.  It's a really sociable place for artists like us to share thoughts and discuss issues in Art.  When I post something on facebook, I tend to think I have written a blog post which is why I haven't been posting a lot lately.  I have to say I do enjoy the immediacy of facebook where people respond with a "like" (thumbs up) and leave a comment.

Anyway I've got around to posting here at last.  My mind is full of Autumn at the moment.  I have been out foraging in the hedgerows down by the nearby Grantham canal.

Here's a little set up telling the story of what I love about Autumn.  

I have done a few workshops over the last week or two.

The autumn fruits on got me painting a new blackberries composition.  Here are the WIPs.

I love painting those juicy fruits and the changing  leaves allow you to go mad with the colours.

Also love the challenge of depicting a tangly bramble hedge with chinks of light shining through.

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