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First painting of 2014 and DVD on its way...


Sunny Sweet peas

I picked up my brushes again at last. 

I was inspired by a photo I’d taken of the sweet peas in the garden last year.  They filled the garden with glorious scent for the short time they were there.  I had to pick them often to keep them flowering and so the house was full of their lovely scent too. 

One day I set a vase on the kitchen window sill in the sun and they cast an interesting shadow.  Can’t resist cast shadows!

The painting features a glass vase; always fun to paint glass and for some reason glass in a painting always attracts our attention. 

My new DVD has a glass painting demo in it.  It’s going to be released very soon now.  There have been one or two production issues which have had to be dealt with but we are getting there!

Those who have pre ordered will soon be receiving their DVD.  But I thought I should point out to those who want to buy a copy that this DVD is only available through me and my website.  It will not be appearing on Amazon, neither will it be available via the SAA.  So be warned, if you would like a copy then please get in touch with me via my website


There you can pay through Paypal, which is a well known, entirely safe and totally internationally reputable way to pay, or you can simply send me a cheque.

The DVD is very reasonably priced at £15 plus post and packing for nearly two hours of painting tuition and loads of useful techniques explained fully and clearly.

So why don’t you go for it?  I’d love for everyone to benefit from our hours of preparation, filming and producing, which has been a great learning curve but huge fun as well.  We wanted to produce something of real quality and I think we have.

Want to have another peek at the trailer?

Here's the link

And please look out for another excerpt here on this blog coming soon!
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