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DVD now available on Amazon


Backlit snowdrops

Just to let you know that I have made the DVD "Watercolour Techniques by Ann Mortimer" available on Amazon.


Many people do not have a PayPal account and perhaps don't want to create one (even though it's a really useful thing to have!).  But I know that many people, like me, order regularly on Amazon so it made sense to put my DVD up for sale there.

It has been a beautiful spring day here in Nottingham and the Spring flowers are out in force...hellebores, primroses, tiny iris reticulata, crocus, snowdrops, daffodils, and many others.  Such a cheerful sight!  

I painted the above snowdrops from a photo that I had taken when the low Winter sun was lighting up the tiny bunch of blooms from behind.  I love that effect, but it requires quite a brave use of darks in the background to bring out the pristine white snowdrops as well as some deep shadows on the petals.

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