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Apricots and cream...


Here is the Irises painting I started at Keyworth.  I was quite pleased with it and thought I would show you the finished effect.

Apricot Irises

The main challenge was the colour of the irises which was a sort of apricot, a creamy base with orange and pink in it but some blue as well. 

The other potential problem was the right hand iris which might have drawn the attention of the viewer away from the focal point which I suppose has to be the top left hand iris with the eye taking in the largest iris on the way.

Anyway, I enjoyed getting back into painting again with this and my beloved irises in general.  It has been a long troublesome time with a dearth of  inspiration to get me going.  But I know I'm not alone in experiencing this.  

It would be so nice to know what you think!

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