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Attraction of opposites...

The lovely sunny weather just draws you out to take photos in the garden.  Today I was taken with the Etoile Violette clematis that grows over the shed and took a photo of a sunlit spray.  Under it and totally by happy accident there is a crocosmia plant growing and the complementary colours are fabulous together.

Today I had the idea of combining them in a painting.

So I'm drawing the scene first as the crocosmia will need to be masked out carefully to show up brightly against the background. To use masking fluid, you need to have a drawing to follow.

Etoile Violette clematis

Another quite complicated painting but no one said it was going to be easy!  Purple is not the most straightforward colour but glorious when it works.  I'm looking forward to dropping in bright orange in the background washes to represent the crocosmia and of course there will be loads of negative painting to do.  Lovely!

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